GreenyWorld Home Entertaiment
Greenyworld Home Entertaiment 2


Robert Stainton


1997 (as GreenyWorld Video)
2002 (as GreenyWorld Home Entertainment)

Country of Origin

United States


GreenyWorld Studios

GreenyWorld Home Entertaiment, a American distribution arm of Greenyworld Studios founded by Robert Stainton in 1997, issues DVDs and Blu-ray discs of Greenytoons films and shows.


GreenyWorld Home Entertainment (back then Greenyworld Video) was founded by Robert Stainton in 1997 with help from Cartoons R Fun (Vidtape Inc.). The first title they released was "Greeny Phatom: Vol. 1" which contained four episodes of the show, and was recorded in EP mode. The covers were designed by storyboard artist Audel LaRoque. Some copies of individual tapes contained a logo from a company called "Duratape Inc." at the end of the tape. The old tapes were also criticized for replacing the closing logos with a generic "The End" card (it is said that these were originally in the 1970's redrawn colorized versions of Betty Boop cartoons).

Distribution of Greenyworld Video tapes was handed over to UAV Entertainment in 1998.

Current distribution is by Greenyworld Studios.


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