Type Public
Industry Licensing
Animation studio
Consumer Products
Predecessors GreenyWorld Studios Japan
Audiences Films
Successors GreenyWorld Studios
Founded 2012
Founders Robert Stainton
Michael Wildshill
Terry Ward
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Products My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (season 4-season 5)
Greeny Phatom
Parent Cubestein

GreenyWorld Studios

Previous names GreenyWorld Studios Japan
Audiences Films
Romite Animation Studios is a multinational animation production and licensing company formed by Robert W. Stainton, Michael Wildshill and Terry Ward, the creators of Greeny Phatom series.

The studio bougt stakes and companies from various parenty commpanies such as All3Media[1], hired staff from GreenyWorld Studios Japan from Tokyo (as the studio will replace DHX Media in production of upcoming episodes), acquired Audiences Films from Miami.

Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois (acquired DreamWorks Classics and Boomerang Media LLC from DreamWorks and 4Licensing Corporation), Romite is currently one of the world’s largest independent children’s entertainment companies with ownership and licensing rights to some of the most recognizable character brands. It's offices also locate at Los Angeles (as Romite LA), London (as acquired TT Animation from Warner Bros, and the studio is now known as Romite London), among others.



In 2012, Michael (then-new executive producer of Greeny Phatom), Robert and Terry had plans to form a parent company as a successor for Greenyworld Studios Japan, the animation studio founded by Robert Stainton.

Before Michael created the Romite, he used to own Shouterbox Studios by his own.


  • Romite LA, a production company formerly known as W!LDBRAIN, Objective Productions Los Angeles[1], and Terry Ward Animation Studios' Los Angeles office, responsible of Greeny Phatom movies.
    • One Potato Two Potato Inc.[1  a production company formerly known as 1 Potato 2 Potato. 
    • Studio Lambert USA[1]
  • Romite Nashville, a production company formerly known as Big Idea Productions, is responsible of production of VeggieTales.
  • Romite Vancouver, a production company formerly known as Studio B Productions, Bardel Entertainment and DHX Media Vancouver and responsible of mostly-loved My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • Romite Paris, a production company formerly known as Cine+'s feature film finance division, DHX Media France/Paris and Cookie Jar Entertainment's Paris office, is responsible of feature film finance and
  • Romite New York, a production company formerly known as Classic Media, Bullwinkle Studios, DreamWorks Classics, 4Kids Entertainment, 4Licensing Corporation and Boomerang Media LLC and responsible of intellectual property such as Postman Pat, Casper and distribution of upcoming Pokémon anime and Yu-Gi-Oh.
    • Romite Bullwinkle, a production company formerly known as Bullwinkle Studios.
    • Jay Ward Productions
    • Romite Optomen USA[1], a production company previously known as Optomen USA.
    • Romite Retro, a production company previously known as DreamWorks Classics.
  • Romite London, a production company formerly known as Entertainment Rights and TT Animation, is responsible of intellectual property previously owned by Entertainment Rights.
    • Romite Optomen[1], a production company formerly known as Optomen UK.
    • Company Pictures[1], bought from All3Media.
    • Romite Little Dot[1], formerly Little Dot Studios.
    • Lion Television - London[1] formely All3Media London
    • Maverick London[1]
    • Romite Kameleon[1], formerly Kameleon - an All3Media company.
    • Objective Productions - London[1]
    • Romite North One London[1], formerly known as North One Television London.
    • One Potato Two Potato Ltd.[1]
    • Optomen Studios[1]
    • Studio Lambert UK[1]
    • Romite Factual International[1], formerly All3Media International
  • Romite Warkworth, a production company formerly known as Huhu Studios is responsible of Turbo Dogs and other Huhu IPs.
  • Romite West Hollywood, a production company formerly known as Vanguard Animation's US office.
  • Romite Toronto, a production company formerly known as Heroic Film Company, Family Channel's original television series production division (Family Original Productions) and Cookie Jar Entertainment's Toronto office.
  • Romite Tokyo, a production company formerly known as feature film finance division of Dentsu, Yomiko Advertising, Cookie Jar Enetrtainment Japan and Bee Train Animation.
  • Romite Halifax, a production company formerly known as Halifax Film Company, Salter Street Films and DHX Media - Halifax. DHX purchased itself from Romite in 2014.
  • Romite Providence, a production company formerly known as The Story Hat, responsible of Greeny Phatom episodes until Season 22.
  • Jakelsm Pictures Ireland, a production company formerly known as Jakelsm Home Entertainment, is responsible of World of Jake cartoons and products.
    • Jakelsm Pictures Dublin
    • Jakelsm Pictures Shannon, formerly Nelvana Ireland
  • Romite Vistec, a production, licensing and public relations company formerly known as Japan Vistec/Vistec Entertainment.
  • Romite Burbank, a production and animation company previosuly known as Film Roman.
  • Romite Birmingham[1], a production company previously known as North One Television Birmingham.
    • Maverick Birmingham[1]
  • Romite Glebe[1], an Australian production company formerly known as North One Australia.
  • Romite Iver[1], formerly Bentley Productions.
  • Romite Asterdam[1], formerly IDTV.
  • Adventure Time Productions, formerly known as Frederator Studios; the team behind Adventure Time.
  • Romite Liverpool[1], formerly known as Lime Pictures.
  • Romite Glasgow[1], formerly known as Lion Television Scotland.
    • Objective Productions Scotland[1]
  • Romite Moviement[1], formerly MME Moviement.
  • Romite Munchen[1], formerly MME Moviement Münich.
  • Romite New Zealand[1], foremrly South Pacific Pictures.
  • Romite Culver City[1], formerly Zoo Productions
  • Romite Program Exchange, formerly known as The Program Exchange; distribution division.
  • Romite St. Paul, formerly known as Best Brains Productions; the team behind Mystery Science Theater 3000.
  • Romite Aurora[2], formerly known as Asinine Productions; the "production company" of the webseries Oddity Archive. Currently has the rights to The Puzzle Place and the previously-mentioned Oddity Archive.
  • United Plankton Pictures, the team behind SpongeBob SquarePants.

  • Studio A.K.A., formerly known as a.k.a. Cartoon, the production company of animator Danny Antonucci.


  1. Romite bought All3Media.
  2. In March 2014, a very wealthy former investor in Lancit Media passed away and left his entire 30.000 billion estate (and the rights to The Puzzle Place) to Romite Animation Studios to use as their platform for properties of children's programming and getting The Puzzle Place out of the "Keep Circulating the Tapes" trap. Romite Aurora was given the master tapes (and the rights) to the Puzzle Place.
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